Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Eight people got seriously injured because of Sugarloaf Chair Lift derailed on Tuesday in Carrabasset Valley at Maine’s tallest ski mountain. Five of the Chair Lifts plunged about 25 feet into the snow down the mountain. According to reports the officials at the resort are unable to explain the cause of the Chair Lift derail but there are no life threatening injuries. The chair lift derail left almost 150 people trapped on the lift for almost two hours in the chilling wind till the rescuers worked to get them down.

According to a spokesman, Ethan Austin at the resort, the wounded skiers were immediately shifted to Franklin Memorial Hospital in Maine. Austin said that the lift was taking skiers up the mountain at its full capacity when the rope got loosened slamming 5 chairs on the snow blanketed ground and suspended the rest of the chairs in the sky. The trapped chairs were brought to the ground through a pulley system.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Google Corporate Logo

Hey! Have you checked the latest Google Doodle? The Google logo is looking wonderful. Google is celebrating this holiday from all over world. In the honor of this year’s festive season Google has launched a new Google Doodle which has images of the places from around the world. The new Google Doodle is the result of the efforts of five skilled designers and they have completed it in six months. The latest Google Corporate Logo is comprised of 17 images that include Great Wall of China, St Basil’s Cathedral of Moscow, Father Christmas, Acropolis of Athens, Sydney Harbour Bridge and many other cultural references.

True Grit

With the Christmas Day coming we are getting close to the real release day of 2010 for amazing Hollywood movies. For those who are seeking vengeance can check out the movie ‘True Grit’. The movie ‘True Grit’ is a second adaption of the book by Charles Portis with the same name as the movies. The first adaption was John Wayne movie in 1969 for which Wayne has won his only Oscar.  Now it is time for Jeff Bridges to win another Oscar through this movie.
The director/writer of the movie ‘True Grit’ 2010 are Coen brothers, Joel and Ethan Coen. The cast of the movie includes Hailee Steinfeld, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin and Jeff Bridges.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Skype Outage

Skype outage affects users around the world that also includes businesses that are highly dependent on Skype. Users are unable to make phone calls and were dropped in the mid-conversation. On Wednesday the Skype services stopped working at 9 AM PST because of network connection failure. Skype’s most renowned and widely used cheap calling service is slapped with a major outage. Previously in 2007, Skype has affected the users with two day disruption but this time it is far more extensive.
Mostly such services affect some geographical areas but this Skype outage is around the globe. People are highly disturbed and angry especially those have business relying on Skype telephone services. Businesses should not totally rely on services like this because they cannot run smoothly all the time. Companies should consider having some backup plan to handle the situation like Skype outage because now they are losing revenue as long as the Skype services are down.

Douglas Perlitz

Douglas Perlitz, a Colorado man on Tuesday was sentenced 20 years in jail for sexually abusing children. Perlitz founded a school in Haiti to help poor children but instead Perlitz ill-treated them and threatened to expel them. Some of the children faced him in the courtroom and testified Perlitz abusing behavior. In New Heaven, federal court judge, Janet Bond Arterton declared Douglas Perlitz a molester and serial rapist as she imposed the sentence.
40 years old Douglas Perlitz apologized to his victims, acknowledged his horrible crimes and pleaded the judge for leniency in light of his good workings for the poor Caribbean nation. Perlitz said, “They say a convicted sex offender has no future, but I would like to try to prove people wrong. At times I would rather die than carry this burden to be honest”.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Lunar Eclipse 2010

Lunar Eclipse 2010
Tuesday morning, sky gazers can catch the lunar eclipse 2010 if they wake up really early to enjoy the rusty full moon as it changes its colors dramatically. The Lunar Eclipse 2010 on December 21st will last for about 3 and half hours. According to NASA, lunar eclipse will begin at 1:33 AM ET and will finish at 5:01 AM ET. This is the last Lunar Eclipse of the year 2010. Previously the Lunar Eclipse occurred on 26th of June.
Lunar Eclipse is an amazing phenomenon and happened when the sun, moon and earth line up. During the lunar eclipse the rays of sun are shielded by the earth to reach the moon making moon look bit rusty. Lunar Eclipse only takes place when there is a full moon and it passes through earth’s shadow. According to NASA the color of the moon will turn into vibrant red at about 3:35 AM.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dan Connolly

Sunday night game between New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers was astounding at Gillette Stadium. Big Dan Connolly of Patriots has played amazingly and is about to modernize the art of returning kickoffs. Dan Connolly of New England Patriots has set the record of incredible longest 71 yard kickoff return against Packers which is the longest in the NFL history by an offensive lineman. Since 1976 this is the longest kickoff return as informed by STATS Inc. In 1978, Larry Tearry of Datriots had made the 30 yard return which is considered as the longest since then. In 1969, Mal Snider of Atlanta had a 48 yard return.
Watch the video of Connolly’s incredible moment in the game:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Water for Elephants Trailer

Robert Pattinson in Water for Elephants Trailer
Robert Pattinson’s Water for Elephants trailer has hit the Internet on Wednesday making the fans really excited and crazy.  The film is based on the novel by Sara Gruen.  Robert Pattinson has played the role of Jacob Jankowski, a young boy who was studying to be veterinary but dropped out of school and after his parent died in an accident Jacob joins the circus in order to take care of animals. Pattinson as young Jacob falls in love with Marlena Rosenbluth, the character played by Reese Witherspoon. The character Marlena in the circus is an equestrian star and the wife of the animal trainer August Rosenbluth who is obnoxious and abusive.
The movie drama Water for Elephants trailer is really amazing and wonderful and it seems that all the actors have worked really hard and direction by Francis Lawrence is also great.

Kardashian Christmas Card

Kardashian Christmas Card
The glamorous Kardashians have posed in front of the camera for their amazing photographs. The photographs are for the Kardashian Christmas cards for this holiday season. Kardashians have attracted everyone with their stunning looks. The photographs are taken on a grand stairway with all the Kardashians dressed up formally and glamorously. Kim Kardashian inscribed on her blog that the family gathered each year for the Christmas card photographs and this year is special for them because of little Mason who is the latest addition and a new bundle of joy for the family.
All the family is looking stunning and dazzling in the photographs. Kourt is dressed up similar to Mason and Scott in a tailored suit. Khloe is wearing dazzling peach ruffles. Kylie and Kendall are also looking marvelous and fabulous. Kim herself is wearing a lovely white gown of floor length which is an Emilio Pucci dress with vintage earrings.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Joe Smith

Joe SmithAccording to reports on Tuesday the Lakers have made a deal according to which they have sent Sasha Vujacic to New Jersey and has acquired power forward Joe Smith. It seems Lakers are not relying on Andrew Bynum for the frontcourt boost up entirely by himself. Andrew Bynum has showed his first appearance tonight in Washington after staying away for the whole season recovering from a knee surgery. Though the Bynum is back but Lakers have acquired Joe Smith who is 6 foot 10 inch. Smith has played really cautiously this season.
Smith in his 16 year basketball career has averaged 11 points and 6.4 rebounds. The Lakers rid themselves of Sasha Vujacic who was taking 5.4 million dollars salary and has averages 1.8 points throughout his career which is really low. But till Wednesday the trade cannot be finalized according to NBA rules that rule out players who have signed in the offseason as Joe Smith did as being traded. The trade is also restricted upon Smith to pass the physical.